Monday Chowder

I was talking to my Mom on the phone today, telling her about the snow in Seattle and the Chicken Corn Chowder I was making on the stove. I talked to her around noon, and I was fully dressed in flannel and pajama bottoms, the luxuriously awesome attire of a freelance writer. iphone 6 [...]

Shabu Shabu

swish swish pot

I’ll open this post with a lead-in I asked Beth to write, about how we were introduced to Shabu Shabu soup (as our friend Marie later informed us, it’s called that because the ingredients go “shabu shabu” or “swish swish” in the broth). And then I will tell you what we did [...]

Seasonal Soups: Curried Roasted Squash

I’m already welcoming all the comfort foods of the autumn. It’s as if the weather is giving me permission to indulge in my love of baking and cooking wholesome food for myself and others. This week I’m getting into the spirit with soup. iphone 6 survival case One of my coworkers has been trying [...]