Avocado Crust, First Attempt

I love making pies. Anything in the bread family, really. I love the tactile kneading of it, and I seem to have the right sense of what feels right or not — as so much of it is not a science as much as a touchy-feely thing.

But a bit over a year ago, my girlfriend [...]

Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Tarts – BFI #2

In the past I’ve felt a bit shy about posting failed recipes. For instance, do you remember the rhubarb pie ice cream recipe I posted? Of course you don’t, I never posted it because it came out very lackluster. Why would I post that? This is a foodie blog, right? Everything we make [...]

how to pit a cherry

I’ve seen machines with cranks for pitting cherries. For a short time I had a handheld one, used only once for a chocolate-chip-bottomed cherry pie. But this time, I had none, and was ready to halve them all with a knife. Come into the picture: clever girlfriend Beth, who pulled an oil pourer out of [...]

Photoblog: several weeks of cooking

Miniature Blueberry Pie

A miniature feast

My brother told me once of nouns, (people, iphone 7 case patterned places, car iphone 7 phone case things and such) that being itty bitty sized engenders “cute” (oh yes, 3 in 1 iphone 6 case by much!)

And so I made a little pie Of blueberry and sugar sweet [...]