No Thai Curry for You

eating a very edible Thai curry

To hunger we’re obedient
and we wanted Thai curry,
so we got the ingredients
and went home in a flurry.

We looked at the recipe,
then adjusted the dish
(vegetarian, we be,
so no chicken or fish).

Our doubts, we got lost in:
was the curry paste excessive?
should cilantro be tossed in?
would it be more impressive?

It was lovely, [...]

Seasonal Soups: Curried Roasted Squash

I’m already welcoming all the comfort foods of the autumn. It’s as if the weather is giving me permission to indulge in my love of baking and cooking wholesome food for myself and others. This week I’m getting into the spirit with soup. One of my coworkers has been trying out a soup cookbook I [...]