Pita Pockets

I’ve been curious to try making pita bread (for Iraqi pita bread, Dan posted an excellent recipe two years ago) . I found the process to be fairly simple, but a bit time-consuming. Fortunately the delight of watching the pitas expand — literally like a balloon — was enough of a delight that I see [...]

Healthy Vegan Non-Refined Flour Delicious Bread!

This bread is fantastic for anything from peanut butter and jelly to toasty bits for dipping in hummus. I use all or mostly organic ingredients, even though i have not written organic next to each ingredient. I recommend trying this recipe first, before making any changes. After trying it to see if you like it, [...]

Sandwich Bread, the machine feeds YOU

I love making bread by hand, but Beth and I go through a couple loaves a week, and these days I simply don’t have the time to do all that kneading and rising.

Fortunately, we have a bread maker, which is what this recipe calls for. If you do NOT have one, I’m afraid I cannot [...]