Blueberry Pancake Cookies

oh my god those look delicious

It all began last summer when I thought to try and make blueberry pancake cookies. I’d advise you to read my previous posts if you desire further detail on the history.

This is the completed post. The recipe. Phew, finally. On Wednesday I first made them in their final form. Sadly, [...]

Miniature Blueberry Pie

A miniature feast

My brother told me once of nouns,
(people, places, things and such)
that being itty bitty sized
engenders “cute” (oh yes, by much!)

And so I made a little pie
Of blueberry and sugar sweet
My love and I will laugh and then
enjoy this microscopic treat.

5 inch blueberry pie


1/2 cup flour (organic unbleached white)
3 tbsp butter , [...]

Every day Sorbet

This basic sorbet is the recipe for which I always have the ingredients on hand during summer, and which takes the whims of improvisation consistently well.

Simple ingredients, short prep, and consistently delicious, it typically yields bright colors, especially from the magenta inner liquour of cherries in June, any combination of blueberries, boysenberries and blackberries throughout [...]