Picnic Wraps

Matt and I headed into Madison Park to take in the Arboretum last Friday to finally enjoy some necessary sunshine. We found a clearing dappled with dandelions and sheltered by some pink blossomed branches and settled down in the grass, flipping off shoes and flinging off socks, we drank wine from Mason jars and ate [...]

Avocado Crust, First Attempt

I love making pies. Anything in the bread family, really. I love the tactile kneading of it, and I seem to have the right sense of what feels right or not — as so much of it is not a science as much as a touchy-feely thing.

But a bit over a year ago, my girlfriend [...]

I Scream Bravo! for Avocado

I assume many people immediately think of guacamole when avocados are mentioned, but for me they’re in that pantheon of fruit that is so perfectly ready-to-eat that I can’t stand the thought of mashing it up into a chip dip. I read that in native Central America it’s sometimes referred to as a “butter pear,” [...]