Daniel Wolff bio


Since early childhood I have been a passionate and dedicated eater of meat, pausing only in my journey of carnivorous discovery to practice vegetarianism for seven years.  Ironically, that brief hiatus was responsible for my love of cooking: no longer able to subsist on hotdogs, I had to find out what all those other ingredients in the world were and how you rendered them edible.

I broke my vegetarianism when an anthropologist offered me some salmon smoked by the Gwitch’in-speaking people of Arctic Village, Alaska. I thought to myself, when am I going to be offered salmon smoked by an Eskimo again? I ate the tiniest sliver. The taste of salmon oil lingered on my tongue all day. The die was cast. It turns out I was offered Eskimo salmon a few more times, too.

My early influences include Elizabeth David and Charlie Trotter. Since then I’ve become a big fan of John Thorne and Jeffrey Steingarten. Brave cooks, all, whose work pushes the art. Yes, there is something completely base about eating (especially meat!), something as far from the intellect as you can possibly get. But on the other hand, Zen monks sit for eighteen years just learning how to breathe.

I feel great sorrow at all the evidence of food phobia in our world. In a good fresh food market I feel as though I am walking in the Garden of Eden, with all its limitless delights. With this blog I am just trying to share some of my own experiences with the most rewarding pastime I know.