Happy Year of the Me!



It’s Chinese new year coming up on February 14th, and it’s a particularly significant date for yours truly because it ushers in the Year of the Ultimate Badass Tiger, which is my Chinese zodiac animal. It’s also my brother’s birthday. iphone 8 case iron man Happy birthday, Patrick!

I can’t believe I hadn’t realised this was my year until the other day. I was always so proud of being a tiger when I was a kid, when all my friends were stupid oxen and rabbits and sheep and stuff. In case you don’t know, the Chinese Zodiac moves on a twelve year cycle, making your personal years few and far between. When I saw a calendar at Uwajimaya illustrated with a tiger I was completely thrilled. (And then my second thought was, ‘oh hell, that must mean I’m thirty-six.’) Checking the first random website I came across, I learned that tigers are “short-tempered, suspicious, adventurous, sensitive, emotional, and risk-taking.” What the hell? What is this crap? Who are you calling short tempered and suspicious??… Oh, wait. Yeah, that’s pretty much me in a nutshell. So break out the lion costume and start tossing small explosives about haphazardly, it’s a new year!

For Chinese new year, you need to eat tea eggs. I can’t remember where I first found the recipe for these, but I was pretty young. luolnh iphone 7 plus case They’re an amazingly appealing dish and fun to make – perfect for kids. bts iphone 7 plus case Here’s what you do.

Place four eggs in a saucepan and cover with about an inch of cold water. Bring the pot to a boil and let simmer gently for three minutes. Take out the eggs and cool them under running water, but don’t throw away the water in the pot.

Now take a teaspoon and crack the shell of the eggs all over. You can experiment with the force required to do this, but in general deeper and more plentiful cracks make prettier eggs. iphone 7 plus disney quote case You don’t want to crack so hard, though, that the shell busts completely open. iphone 8 cases gorilla That would ruin everything.

cracked eggs

Now put the eggs back in the saucepan, and add some or all of the following ingredients:

½ cup dark soy sauce

2 teabags of black tea (I used Russian caravan)

1 cinnamon stick

1 tbs Sichuan peppercorns (can be hard to find… they are very hot)

1 tsp sugar

2 star anise

½ tsp Chinese five spice

Bring the liquid back to a simmer for about 45 minutes. Take the pan off the heat, cover it, and let steep for a good long time, at least five hours. I left mine overnight in the refrigerator.

Don't worry if it resembles Hello Kitty

Don't worry if it resembles Hello Kitty

The next day, or a few hours later if you’re from one of the impatient zodiac signs, carefully peel away the shell. slim case for iphone 8 The results can be quite striking.

opened egg better

Here’s a fun fact: in Taiwan, an average of 40 million tea eggs are sold each year through 7-Eleven stores alone.

4 comments to Happy Year of the Me!

  • Matt

    oh my god. those are so freaking cool. I’m totally going to make these (and lavish them with photographic praise like a new father)

    for the record, i’m a leo lion and a chinese dragon. how badass is that?! ;D

  • el

    Are those piglets in tiger costumes in the photo?

  • MadCalicoJess

    I did this recipe with Lapsang souchong tea. Delicious. For extra decadence I took some of the tea water, condensed it some and whipped it in with some veganase/mayo for condiment.

    Lion Dragon puts my Virgin Dragon to shame.