a holiday of food for thought

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  • Thank you, dear. The cherries are in a dark rum syrup–somewhat oaky, but very good under a biscuit-y covering with an almond-scented whipped cream. Or just eat them out of the jar–in fact, I insist you at least eat a few just as they are before using them in any recipe.

    The grape “jelly” (bless you for saying so) is actually more of a syrup–pure Concord (from Harry’s vines) with not too much sugar, and it should be a fun thing to experiment with during a cocktail hour. I think it’d be interesting to swirl into champagne or even to use in dressing some roasted creature.

    Enjoy, enjoy!

  • Dom

    I remember very fondly the candied orange peel….the french version also dips them in a semi-sweet dark chocolate….(good old SD Xmass) Nothing like it!

  • A lovely post, Matt. I don’t do sweet much, but I’m going to try your orange peels. And I like the remarks on the Whipplescrumptious Fudgemallow Delight – I, too, have always wished to know what it was like. And this is funny – growing up in Australia I always wanted to know what this marvelous confectionery you had in America, ‘candy,’ was. I read about it in Peanuts, in Judy Blume, and so on. WHAT WAS ‘CANDY???’