how to pit a cherry

I’ve seen machines with cranks for pitting cherries. For a short time I had a handheld one, used only once for a chocolate-chip-bottomed cherry pie. But this time, I had none, and was ready to halve them all with a knife. Come into the picture: clever girlfriend Beth, who pulled an oil pourer out of a drawer and pressed it into my hands. Clever clever.

It was an everyday type of cherry pie making, except the lattice. I’ve done a lattice top before, but simply laid them criss-cross starting from the center, so the weaving had been minimal and incidental. This was the first time I fully weaved the lattice top, and true to my detailed nature, I enjoyed doing so. Very much. In fact, I now wish to cut dough into thinner strips so I can weave the next one even more.

Cherry pie, a simple recipe

My usual pie crust.
2 cups flour
1.75 sticks butter
cold water (until it holds together)

The filling, mix:
1 cup sugar
3 tbsp tapioca
2 tbsp of lemon juice

Dot the filling (once it’s in the pan) with remaining .25 stick butter.
Cook at 400 for 10 min
Then 350 for another 45 (or until done)

The pie, before baking, with Gatsby appraising.


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