Accept no Substitutes – Green Papaya Salad

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  • Mark Shanks

    If you have trouble finding Chinese long beans (”Dow Gauk” in China, “Sasage” in Japan, “Asparagus Beans” in the USA) in your local market, you can grow them easily enough in your garden or a window box. They are great climbers, and will spiral up a pole or trellis like crazy (I use 8′ pvc pipes in the garden with only a little help to start climbing) or you can let them hang from a window box like a curtain of ivy. Seeds are available from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange (, Ed Hume Seeds (, or Kitazawa Seed Co.(

  • Jessica

    I made this! A couple of times! I actually do not like ripe papaya, so this is perfect for me. I actually had made this before and could have sworn that dried shrimp were requited as well, but just as a garnish.

    Also, I know you’ll string me up, but the first time I forgot the long beans and used green beans instead, then long beans and I can’t really tell a difference taste wise. I’m not a big fan of roasted peanuts, but they work here, roasted cashews are not a good substitute.
    I was smelling it after preparing it a couple times and was kicking myself as to why it smelled so familiar to me, then it hit me! It smells just like my favorite soup, Tom Yum Goong.

  • I never had it with shrimp but I could see that working a lot better than beef… I do think there is a taste difference with the beans, or maybe it’s just a texture… long beans seem able to withstand the crushing better. I don’t know. Anyway I like long beans because they’re funny.