Banana Ice Cream


For years I ate oatmeal with bananas every day for breakfast. But one must not get caught up in the rut of repetition. One must try new things, explore new avenues, conquer new experiences. And so at some point I switched over to eating my oats with raisins.

I still do love bananas, though. But there’s always been the issue with them going bad so quickly. The only possibility I’ve heard of for overripe bananas is banana bread (admittedly, I have not researched the subject, and surely there are many uses). But banana bread is a project, and when you’re being too lazy to eat your damn bananas, the chances of making bread out of them is no doubt diminished.

So, on Facebook I mentioned that I was eating bananas for dinner. We had a bunch that was on the edge of becoming overripe, and I was feeling lazy about preparing a proper meal for myself. It seemed a perfect idea… for the first few bananas. Ah well. Sometimes in reality, what was thought of as brilliant idea, is really just a weird dinner.

Fortunately, Matt mentioned on my FB post about “banana ice cream.” I was intrigued, especially since:

  1. the ONLY ingredient is bananas (what the?)
  2. I’ve cut dairy out of my diet, and so I have limited “ice cream” options
  3. the ONLY ingredient is bananas (no, seriously, WHAT THE?!!)

So, I tried it. The ingredients? Bananas. Seriously. Just peel them, cut them into pieces (inch or less), and freeze them for a couple hours. Then put them in a food processor.

The immediate result was very soft and creamy, but after putting the “ice cream” in the freezer overnight, it became a perfect ice cream texture. It has not gotten overly hard like ice-cream does. And it’s naturally sweet, so, although I may try adding maple syrup or sugar to future batches — I feel no dying need to.

It’s a good day to like bananas. A good day for monkey-kind.


4 comments to Banana Ice Cream

  • A friend on Facebook just suggested adding “a little vanilla extract, cinnamon, and nutmeg.” mmmmmmm. :)

  • War Pig

    Yes. That’s the reason bananas go in smoothies. They go creamy.I make a drink with almond milk, bananas and either cantaloupe or berries. Put it in the Vita-Mix and blend. Add some ice and you have a smoothie. I also add some espresso powder occasionally for a little kick.

    Chocolate-banana ice cream? Use Hershey’s chocolate syrup. It makes for better texture especially when freezing, or just dump it on top and pig out. Also great in a smoothie.

    Another unlikely additive is Nestle’s Quick, in either chocolate or strawberry. I would add it to pancake batter and my kids raved over the pancakes. It can also be added to smoothies and your banana ice cream.

  • YUM!!!! (and thank you, Chris!)

  • @War_Pig, i hadn’t thought about flavoring it. Madness and goodness! :)

    @Matt, cheers. Thanks for the prod. ;-)