Ice Cream with Peas, Please

Yes, peas.


Peas peas peas.


ha ha


See, my best friend Cody was making a list aloud one day of absurd ice cream flavors he thought I should make, and he rather flippantly suggested “Green Peas!” Then he paused, as if he might have gone too far.


Custard mixed with cream and peas, cooled then blended with mint.

So when his birthday came around this year, I thought I’d surprise him. I consulted my David Leibovitz ice cream bible and discovered his recipe based on a flavor he’d had in Paris at the Palais Royal. Leibovitz prepares the palate by suggesting that if you’ve ever enjoyed a slice (or wedge) of carrot cake, you’ll know the idea of transforming vegetables into desserts isn’t that strange of an idea. iphone 8 case marilyn monroe I’d braved avocado before, and though that has a lot of fat lending itself to the creaminess, I thought the earthiness of the two might be similar.


Blended mixture strained.

Turns out the similarity is really the fun I experience in watching people try it and then try to guess what the flavor is. iphone 6 case cheap The mint functions like salt does in other dishes, emphasizing the base flavor. iphone 8 plus mickey mouse case Cody tried it, but eventually I did have to tell him. His eyes lit up, he licked the spoon, said “Oh, yeah. Tooootally. iphone 7 plus case full protection Peas.”

We each dipped our spoons in our bowls again. iphone 6 case sushi It was definitely ice cream. It was definitely peas.

9 comments to Ice Cream with Peas, Please

  • Muzhik

    Ahhh! If only I hadn’t given away my Donvier ice cream maker when I moved! I would certainly welcome the opportunity to …

    … (wait for it) …

    … give peas a chance.

  • Muzhik. Because of you I believe in . . .
    … (wait for it)…
    …whirled peas!

  • Muzhik

    @Matthew, that has always bean a goal of mine. Lettuce hope and pray berry, berry hard that we reach this goal, before something comes along to squash our dreams.

    Now excuse me while I go veg out…

  • war pig

    You’re both going to spend ti in purgatory for this. ;-)

  • Muzhik

    @War Pig, Wha… I… You mean…

    I am shocked, SHOCKED, at reading your comment. To accuse us of the need to …

    PUNish us?

  • Considering I like eating frozen peas straight from the bag, this sounds like perfection.

  • Anonymous

    Daniel, I’ve still got some green pea ice cream in the freezer, along with Leche Meregnada (Spanish Frozen Meringue) that won’t last long . . . Give me a holler when next you and the wife are in town. ;)

  • Not nearly as exciting (nor from scratch), but I was inspired by ingredients at a friend’s house the other evening, and I made sour cherry, basil, and mint ice cream. Lovely. Thought of you the whole time. Served it on a bed of home-canned sour cherries in brandy and almond extract and a cake-y and only slightly sweet biscuit. OK, ok–we also had whipped cream–laced with only enough maple syrup so the flavor came through, but sweetness was minimal.