A HYMN to HUMMOUS ****revised

Removing the Skins

Removing the Skins

A more authentic recipe:

cp=chick peas (a.k.a. garbanzos)

Soaking the chick peas overnight helps the cooking go faster the next day. (but not necessary. you can soak for an hour or two before boiling and that is fine.) When you dump the water from the overnight soaking, and you rinse chick peas well, make sure the water you pour in the pot more than covers all the c.p.’s. iphone 8 full case marble I suggest covering by about 4 inches. Put the cp on the stove to boil, and while bringing to a boil, and a good few pinches of baking soda. This was a trick I learned in Spain while living there for five years. This is to, shall we say, eliminate wind, or if not, lessen the gas creation in the gut. skinny dip iphone 8 plus case This is an important step, not to be overlooked! I can tell you that it really works, if you use enough.

Also worth noting:

The skins on the cp are hard to digest. The best, and easiest way to remove the skins is to cook cp just until skins begin floating to the surface. iphone 8 plus case mint This usually happens when cp are 3/4 done. snuggs iphone 6 case If you wait until the cp are very soft, then you will not be able separate the skins from the cp, and the cp will leave the pot as well. iphone 7 phone cases belt So, take the pot to the sink when you see the skins. dyefor iphone 7 case Fill the pot with cold water. mandala iphone 8 plus case Use a big spoon to agitate the cp. Watch as even more skins come to the surface. Carefully dump excess water, along with the skins into the sink. Add lots of cold water, agitate with spoon, and repeat. Do this as many times as you have the patience for. I think we did it about five times. Then, refill the pot, covering cp 3 or four inches above them in water. Continue boiling until VERY very soft, drain.

Here is the lovely recipe:

4 cups soaked, cooked, strained and tender, mostly skinned, chick peas
3/4 cup tahini
3/4 cup lemon juice
1/2 head garlic
1 tsp salt

Combine the ingredients, in any order, in a blender and flip the switch,(low works better and doesn’t burn out the motor, if you have patience) stopping periodically to push the ingredients at the top toward the bottom, to get mixed in(make sure blade has come to a complete stop before sticking spoon in of course!):

**As usual always make sure you taste while you make, as only you can decide if you need to add a bit more of this, or a dash more of that.

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