It’s Just Not the Same Without an Olive

Just to prove that I do have a sense of humour after all…

You can view the full instructions for this remarkable invention of mine at:

Altoids Tin Martini

10 comments to It’s Just Not the Same Without an Olive

  • Awesome.

    The next one I want to see in the series: plastic film canister birthday cake.

  • WarPig

    Shaken, not stirred.

    Excellent, Mr Bond.

  • Of coursh, Mish Moneypenny.

  • Matt

    That’s the best virtual lunch I’ve had in 52 seconds. Awesome.

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  • WarPig

    Since you spent time in Asia, did you ever drink cobra venom (the real stuff, not the alcoholic drink by the same name)?

  • Mr. question guy

    So Chic…
    So portable!

  • Cobra venom… never did, though not for lack of invitations. I wanted to, but when I got there the whole thing just seemed so touristy and gratuitous. And then I started feeling sorry for the cobras, which is ridiculous, considering how many other animals I eat without a qualm.

  • WarPig

    The cobras are milked and it doesn’t harm them. Pisses them off, though. ;-)

    You should have tried it. The real stuff, not the alcoholic drink by the same name. Make darn sure that you have no open wounds or sores between your lips and intestines, then go ahead. It makes everything fuzzy for a while, and you get sort of trippy, I guess (not having taken a drug trip or using drugs at all, I can’t say for sure). Then everything comes back into focus and everything is razor sharp. Thai generals use it as a hangover cure, but I don’t recommend it. When you drink a lot, you get small lesions in your stomach, made to order for cobra venom to enter the bloodstream.

    Most people dilute it with something like grain alcohol or 151 rum or something, just in case. I had it straight up, with Naga peppers on the side. The venom was okay, but I thought the peppers would kill me.