My Summer of Scoops

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  • Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WarPig

    Have you tried Splenda or another sweetener that is suitable for diabetics? I’d be very interested in the results. I am not currently a diabetic, but as a Viet Nam vet and half American Indian I am likely doomed to get it sometime. But, to try and keep it as far off as possible, I am trying to work in diabetic-friendly foods into my diet.

  • I am always aware that people want less sugar; in fact, I almost never put as much sugar as an ice cream recipe calls for. My intent is to focus on flavor, not sweetness. And since I do know diabetics, I have been on the lookout. Most “sugar-free” recipes have such an awful amount of sweetener, I tend to pass. I can taste when something has Splenda in it (though I’ve been told I shouldn’t be able to do this), and I think it’s disgusting. I’ve read that agave nectar is a suitable replacement for many diabetics because of its low glycemic index, but I have yet to have a real, live diabetic comment on this.

    In the meantime, WarPig, my sugar-free Chocolate Mousse is excellent (whether you’re into sugar or not at the moment):

  • WarPig

    I thank you,. I will try it when I buy a new ice cream maker (mine died). A Cuisinart would be great but unless I can find a deal such as yours, it will have to wait until after Christmas as I am behind on my gift-buying.

    I do love Italian gelato. I also like frozen custard as it has a much smoother texture than regular ice cream. Fruit sorbets, though, is what I used my ice cream maker for the most. Mix watermelon and blood oranges and a very little honey (I know) and put it in the small watermelon shell from whence you got the watermelon. People will be asking you what the other flavor is in the watermelon since they cannot identify it by color.

    I can taste Splenda, too, but it is the least worst of the artificial sweeteners since the Food Nazis and sugar/corn syrup industries took away cyclamate. There is a new one out, Natura or Nutro or something like that, but it is still horridly expensive. Tasted okay. There used to be a sweetener called Sweet One, which was the best tasting sweetener I’d tried. It had one or no calories per packet (can’t remember which) and I could not tell the difference between it and sugar – whether on Wheaties, cinnamon toast, strawberries, or in tea. (I add nothing to my coffee unless it is bad coffee.) But I cannot find it anymore locally and buying it off the internet is ridiculous. A 5-pound bulk bag is some $30, not counting S&H.

  • WarPig

    Oh, PS: Here in rural Ohio, finding Agave nectar is going to be tough. I can’t even buy “dutch processed” cocoa powder at any grocery within a 60-mile radius. When I watch cooking shows and they say “you can find it at any grocery store,” I laugh. I live within 60 miles of Columbus, Dayton, Springfield and Cincinnati, Ohio and I still have trouble finding ingredients that are “commonly available” on both coasts.

    I think there should be a cooking show for middle America.

  • No need to wait and buy an ice cream maker to make the Chocolate Mousse…it’s not frozen. And you can make my lemon ice cream without a maker as well!

    Re: Agave Nectar . . . if it’s made it to South Dakota (where I’m from), then I’m sure it’s landed in Ohio . . . somewhere. ;)

    I think there should be a “Real Housewives” show for middle America. j.k.

    Thanks for all the awesome commentary.

  • I love you. And I want some Guinness-milk chocolate ice cream!

  • I don’t eat much sugar, and ice cream is the only desert I actually crave. Chris gave me a beautiful Donvier ice cream maker, but our fridge does not have a powerful enough freezer for it to work properly. Someday, however, I will move into an apartment with a real fridge, and then I will work my way down your list.

  • I’ll have to do a post explaining how to do ice cream without an ice cream maker. There’s more steps to it, but it’s nothing as arduous as a hand crank or anything. I’m making up a flavor based on an ice cream someone was telling me they make in Mississippi: Banana Pudding Ice Cream. So I’ve roasted and caramelized some bananas, made a vanilla-scented whipped cream, and vanilla wafers are freezing. Just hope it all works in the assembly.

  • But I want to use my ice cream maker! Seriously, our freezer is crappy. It can’t even make ice cubes.

    In the mean time, I’ll just have to drool over your ice cream pics.

  • WarPig, where do you live? I grew up in southern Ohio, in the village of Morrow, in Warren County (where Kings Island is). I also lived in Cleveland for 9 years.