Spam, Spam, SPAM

spam02Until I began posting on this website, I was unaware that spam mail has advanced to the stage of posting fake appreciative comments on your blog. iphone 8 case rainbow The following is a typical example:

Greetings. Initial I want to say that I really like your web site, just identified it the past week but I’ve been reading it sometimes since then. iphone 7 case snake

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Great, isn’t it? I was so naïve the first time one of these popped up that I actually believed it and swelled with pride. Can you imagine anything more ridiculous? It’s like being winked at by a hooker and thinking “hey, she likes me!” I believe the point of these fake comments is to trick you into trying to look up the poster, who is actually a website advertising something mildly related to your blog’s contents. The above example led back to a website selling (presumably black market) ‘American Fridge.’ It began “You have probably seen an American fridge on a TV show…”

Anyway, if you are a real person, and you enjoy this blog, please shout out! Remember, real comments are virtual hugs.

Some facts about the meat product known as SPAM:

  • SPAM does not stand for “Something Posing as Meat” but is a portmanteau of “Spiced Ham.”
  • SPAM is sold at Burger King in Hawaii.
  • American GIs introduced SPAM to many world cuisines during the World War II. iphone 8 plus case sparkly You can now find SPAM dishes in the Phillipines, Guam, the UK, Japan, South Korea, and China.
  • SPAM isn’t all that bad.

12 comments to Spam, Spam, SPAM

  • Barry

    Greetings! I recently discovered this website , and .
    Fully appreciative iam of finding one whom cares about such a website subject as you.
    I along with my website, are large fans of spam as well.

  • NotAHooker

    *wink* *wink*

  • Trevor in Issaquah

    I’m a real person and I enjoy reading this blog. :) I’ve tried a few of the recipes myself and I even spied on Christopher at ECC last weekend.

  • Orv

    I like spam a lot as a breakfast meat, actually. I like to have spam, rice, and a fried egg for breakfast once a week or so.

    And I love the blog. I’ve made Chris’s “Pasties with Afters” twice now, and I have several other recipes bookmarked to try…

  • Spam.
    We used to eat fried spam with a slice of pineapple on it – in the same realm as baked beans and bacon. Not bad.
    Maybe the Hawaian’s already call that Hawaian Spam. If not, I hereby claim patent to the term Hawaian Spam.
    All your spam belongs to me!

  • WarPig

    If you think MREs are tough, you should have been around when all we had were C-rations. The ham and eggs were not called “ham and mother****ers” for nothing. We used Tabasco to kill the taste buds. The Spiced Beef looked like, and we called it, Alpo. Spam was much preferred to anything in C-rats except the peanut butter, jelly and crackers or the John Wayne candy bar.

    I enjoy this blog. Some of the recipes I’ve tried and some are just fun to read because of the comments. For a career military man (USMC-Vietnam and then US Army until retirement) I’m a pretty decent cook, myself. Mom is a graduate of Le Cordon Bleu and also trained in New Orleans in Creole and Cajun cooking after the Korean War (she met Dad in Korea, they’re both veterans). She taught me, although I am not half the cook she is. My wife enjoys it when I cook, and we share cooking, half-and-half. Since I am retired I cook more often now.

    Spam has always been a favorite food of mine. You can do just about anything with it, from chili to fried to fajitas to Spam & beans to Spam a’la King. I have used it as a substitute for just bout every meat, and you can even make jerky with it. It is very portable, tastes good, has a heck of a shelf life and is nourishing. Perfect camping food as it can be eaten raw (out of the can, cold, it’s precooked), fried, baked or boiled. It makes excellent bait for traps and also fish bait. I have caught trout, carp, catfish and crappie on Spam.

  • You’ve convinced me to give spam another chance. Maybe I’ll try making the jerky. Do you have a recipe?

  • [...] couple of weeks ago I received a comment on my post in which I was rather dismissive of spam, comparing it to an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). [...]

  • WarPig

    Sorry, I was away and didn’t see your answer until now. You have the basic recipe, although you can also use Jamaican jerk spice in place of black pepper, which I prefer, along with the Tabasco.

    Great idea in making the Ramen with Spam jerky. It’s not just the Japanese, but the South Koreans and Taiwanese who are also addicted to Ramen noodles.

    Ever had Japanese Dragon Beard noodles? As fine as a human hair and they cook pretty much instantly as a result. To make them a Chef takes a wad of dough and pulls it and doubles it again and again until he has over 4,000 strands.

  • I’m a real person & am loving your blog! :-)