Hits, Misses and Pickles

My wife likes to remind me of a day way back when we had first met. We were still sussing each other out for relationship potential, trying to flag possible major personality flaws, etc. I had been kind of depressed the day before so she called and asked how I was doing. I said “much [...]

Stories From the Summer About Food (And Drink)

So many stories.

First, here’s my first crisp of the season, made during the last week of August: peach, nectarine, pluot blackberry crisp. Blackberries from the thorny bushes in the alley, the other fruits from my recently re-instated CSA, Full Circle Farms. I used Ina Garten’s recipe, which included both orange juice and lemon juice, and [...]

Avocado Crust, First Attempt

I love making pies. Anything in the bread family, really. I love the tactile kneading of it, and I seem to have the right sense of what feels right or not — as so much of it is not a science as much as a touchy-feely thing.

But a bit over a year ago, my girlfriend [...]

Homemade Tofu Press

I have been getting into tofu recently. I know, I know, kind of hard to believe, but that’s the contrary sort of guy I am. Now while you don’t actually need a tofu press to make tofu, I enjoy things more if I have the right equipment. Here’s a little article I wrote on making [...]