Peppermint Patties

I’ve discovered the world of homemade chocolates. Who knew it was so easy? Melt up some chocolate and roll something in it. Voila!

That said, it’s been a challenge to come up with combinations I truly love, especially since my sweetie is vegan and so I have been trying to do it without butter, eggs, etc. [...]

A Wave to a ‘Wave and a Welcome for Fall

The reports of my leaving the kitchen have been greatly exaggerated.

Indeed, I’m spending a tad more time there since the microwave kicked the dust a week ago. I absentmindedly pushed the release button on the ancient Panasonic and it shattered, fell backward and wedged, dropping a corner of busted acrylic upon the counter. I freaked [...]

From Russia with Toast

One of the first chapters of Anna Karenina describes a meal between the lovesick landowner Constantin Levin and the colourful Stepan Oblonsky. Oblonsky first helps himself to vodka “and a little fish” and then orders a meal beginning with three dozen oysters, followed by vegetable soup, turbot with thick sauce, roast beef, a capon, three [...]