Monkeying Around with Tamarind

Any food which inspires furious and divided loyalty intrigues me. Chilli pepper is a great example. From the “I don’t eat spicy food, I’m, like, probably a supertaster or something” types to the “don’t rub your eyes after shaking my hand” Scotch Bonnet aficionados, it is very rare to meet a human being without a [...]

Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Tarts – BFI #2

In the past I’ve felt a bit shy about posting failed recipes. For instance, do you remember the rhubarb pie ice cream recipe I posted? Of course you don’t, I never posted it because it came out very lackluster. Why would I post that? This is a foodie blog, right? Everything we make [...]

The Naming of Foods

In my window box: Vietnamese mint, spearmint, oregano, rosemary.

Persicaria odorata, usually called Vietnamese mint or Vietnamese coriander in the States, is an herb used in much Southeast Asian cooking. It is neither mint not coriander, but then again Rocky Mountain oysters ain’t shellfish, either. Misnaming foods is a long and venerable [...]

We’re Back! Also, it’s Summer!

Nimbu Pani

Mansoor said, “Will you have some tea, Sahib? Or coffee?”

“Just now you offered me nimbu pani.”

“Yes, Sahib.”

“A glass of nimbu pani.”

“Yes Sahib. At once.” Mansoor made to go.

“And oh –“

“Yes, Sahib?”

“Are there any arrowroot biscuits in this house?”

“I think so, Sahib.”

Mansoor went into the back garden to pluck a couple of limes, then returned [...]