Peppermint Patties

I’ve discovered the world of homemade chocolates. Who knew it was so easy? Melt up some chocolate and roll something in it. Voila!

That said, it’s been a challenge to come up with combinations I truly love, especially since my sweetie is vegan and so I have been trying to do it without butter, eggs, etc. [...]

Tubes and Tents

Artist's impression of my catching my first squid

I’m not much of a fisherman, but I did catch a squid once.

I was about ten at the time, agog with excitement about my first fishing trip on my uncle’s boat. Okay, I was seasick and my man-sized life jacket felt like I’d been secured with a [...]


It’s been a bloody long time since I dropped a post here . . . nearly 4 months actually. Eight days after my last post on November 22nd, I quit smoking cigarettes. Truth be told, I smoked a lot while I was writing at my computer, and I’ve been avoiding the general desk area and [...]

Cranberry Delights – BFI #3

I had a brilliant idea last night, and i savored it in my mind, let it roll around, worked out the recipe slowly in my head, adjusting the ingredients to and fro until I had it perfect.

Which is when I began Brilliant Failed Idea #3.

I imagined a spongy childhood-memory-invoking cake (yes, I just read Swann’s [...]

A Hymn to Hummous ***revised

Removing the Skins

A more authentic recipe:

cp=chick peas (a.k.a. garbanzos)

Soaking the chick peas overnight helps the cooking go faster the next day. (but not necessary. you can soak for an hour or two before boiling and that is fine.) When you dump the water from the overnight soaking, and you rinse chick peas well, make [...]

Mysterious Liquids in Dark Bottles

Ponzu sauce is one of the fundamental sauces of Japanese cookery. I won’t list the others, because the chances are you won’t care. But ponzu is one worth remembering. french bulldog phone case iphone 6 At its simplest, it is soy sauce mixed with lemon juice, providing the best of both worlds – toasty [...]