Tubes and Tents

Artist's impression of my catching my first squid

I’m not much of a fisherman, but I did catch a squid once.

I was about ten at the time, agog with excitement about my first fishing trip on my uncle’s boat. Okay, I was seasick and my man-sized life jacket felt like I’d been secured with a [...]

A Hymn to Hummous ***revised

Removing the Skins

A more authentic recipe:

cp=chick peas (a.k.a. garbanzos)

Soaking the chick peas overnight helps the cooking go faster the next day. (but not necessary. you can soak for an hour or two before boiling and that is fine.) When you dump the water from the overnight soaking, and you rinse chick peas well, make [...]

Peanut Sauce (w/ vegan option)

Ahhhh, peanut sauce. the ketchup of Asia. I’m a lukewarm fan of rice, tofu, or vegetables (despite-or-because I grew up vegetarian), but put some peanut sauce on top and I’m ALL over it. If your kids won’t eat their veggies, make this (with less spice perhaps), tell ‘em “It’s peanut butter sauce,” and they just [...]

Some Disassembly Required

This is actually a mackerel. But I've always wanted to use this photo.

I’m not much of a fisherman. In fact, I’m the only person I know of who has managed to break their jaw while fishing (although that had more to do with the whiskey than the fish). Consequently, I don’t have a lot [...]

Healthy Vegan Non-Refined Flour Delicious Bread!

This bread is fantastic for anything from peanut butter and jelly to toasty bits for dipping in hummus. I use all or mostly organic ingredients, even though i have not written organic next to each ingredient. I recommend trying this recipe first, before making any changes. After trying it to see if [...]