It Was Worth It!

They don't know what's going to hit them.

Our story so far…

Goddamnit, why can’t I make potato chips? Potato chips are by a long stretch my favourite junk food, and they just so happen to be impossible to make with anything less than a medium sized factory. Oh, I’ve seen recipes. Recipes, recipes, recipes, all [...]

It’s Just Not the Same Without an Olive

Just to prove that I do have a sense of humour after all…

You can view the full instructions for this remarkable invention of mine at:

Altoids Tin Martini

Get it Before the FDA Does

I have this ongoing plan to live on a raw food diet for an entire week and post about the results. Occasionally I get attracted to weird schemes like this – I think of it as my Neolithic side. However, I’m a busy boy, and planning out the menus would take too much of my [...]

Delectable Liaisons

It’s hard to believe there are people over the age of 12, let alone professional cooks, who don’t like mushrooms (yes, I’m talking to you, Laura). I’d be tempted to blame the inherent slimy crudiness of the ubiquitous supermarket button mushroom, but I’m afraid that excuse just doesn’t cut it any more. We’ve had the [...]