World Cuisine, Demystified

There are only two cuisines in the world: Italian and French. Yes, that’s what I said. All the multiple and manifold cuisines of this limitless world can be classified into two tidy categories: Italian and French. Italian food is built out of cheap ingredients, basic starches, poor cuts of meat, trash fish. The foods of [...]

Breakfast on Other Planets

I’ve written elsewhere about the difficulties I have with breakfast. Simply put, food before 11am makes me nauseous. There have been exceptions to this. The buffet at the International Garden Hotel in Narita, Japan, was so exciting I grazed for two whole hours. Miso soup is just good at any time of day. And I [...]

Ginger Beer

Love your ginger? You’ll need a lot of it–that’s 2 1/2 lbs. pictured above, to make this uber-strong ginger beer. I found it necessary to have plenty of soda water and ice on hand, and I especially liked it with a shot or two of Canadian whiskey added . . . perfect for the hot [...]

Sandwich Bread, the machine feeds YOU

I love making bread by hand, but Beth and I go through a couple loaves a week, and these days I simply don’t have the time to do all that kneading and rising.

Fortunately, we have a bread maker, which is what this recipe calls for. If you do NOT have one, I’m afraid I cannot [...]

It’s Hot, Damn Hot

Insert joke here

I interrupt my regular program of heavy meat-based dishes to bring you something more appropriate to the 100º weather outside my window. Much as I love lamb broths and spicy chicken wings and braised pork and so on, by evening my apartment is so disgustingly hot it’s as much as I can [...]


You might be surprised how many people have tried to answer this question. Did you know there’s a “Complete Idiot’s Guide” to cooking foods from the Bible? I didn’t, until I stumbled upon it in the cookery section of the library. I immediately opened it, seeking an answer to my personal interest, “what was Jesus’s [...]