Thermos Rice – BFI #1

Last night I had the brilliant idea of making brown rice in a thermos.

I put boiling water from the kettle in the thermos to warm it, and then dumped that out. I then added rice and more boiling water (in a standard 1:2 ratio).

In the morning I found the result was luke-warm water with fairly [...]

When Worlds Collide

Not just for animal traps anymore

A couple of weeks ago I received a comment on my post in which I was rather dismissive of spam, comparing it to an MRE (Meal Ready to Eat). The comment-er, a Vietnam veteran, said “if you think MREs are tough, you should have been around when all we [...]

Adobe Photoshop Cook

Being that i spend a lot of my time in front of Photoshop, I really enjoyed this and wanted to share.

This video was made in stop motion by Maya Rota Klein, assistant director: Diego Lorenzo Zamitti.

Adobe Photoshop Cook from Samir Kerimov on Vimeo.

Sweet & Corny

I’ll admit I have no particular reason for making caramel corn, and I wouldn’t even say I’m a fan, but I am a fan of Orangette, and since reading Molly’s heartfelt and desperate ranting plea to make caramel corn, including the revelation, “It was eerily light, crisp and snappy, sweet-salty, insane,” I decided this would [...]

Cooking in the Danger Zone

My wife and I relaxing in the kitchen

I just learned something absolutely amazing: the best way to cook a steak is not over a flame grill.

It is under the hot tap in the kitchen.

Firstly, I’m not joking. Secondly, if you often order steak in gourmet French restaurants, chances are you’ve already eaten of this [...]

One Jar of Rhubarb Jam

I’m intimidated by the idea of putting up (canning) jam. I’ve done it, mind you, but it is very time consuming, expensive, and I do not own a canning pot, jars, jar tongs, etc. So, I will leave it to you, fair reader, [...]