Having a surplus of apples in my kitchen, I decided the first recipe out of my new Maida Heatter cookbook would figure them in as a primary ingredient, so the Apple Kuchen was a natural choice. Kuchen (pronounced koo-kən; think “kooky”) is the German word for “cake,” and there are many variations on it, even [...]

Seven Days of Miso

I hate breakfast

Let me lay it on the line: I hate breakfast. Not the idea of it, I love the idea of breakfast: thick slabs of sizzling bacon, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, toasted crumpets running with butter and honey, freshly blended smoothies… it’s just that by some quirk of metabolism I am unable [...]

Olive. Oil.

Seems obvious, doesn’t it? But just because it quacks like a duck, is priced like a duck, and is labeled ‘duck,’ doesn’t mean it is an aquatic bird. Oils are not created equal in our lovely industrial age. And since you only need to mutter the word ‘fats’ to create a riot in a mall, [...]

Raw Eggs and Hot Peppers

I remember a line from an old Bill Cosby routine that went “I had gone to great lengths to prove to Junior Barnes that I was his greatest friend. Let him drink out of my soda bottle without even wiping it off.” This gesture of friendship is the same concept behind Japanese nabemono, or one-pot [...]

A holiday of food for thought

I’m finishing off my Trader Joe’s Wintry Blend in my new favorite coffee cup, a tall, wide brim cream mug with a drawing of a monkey scratching its head on the side and one arm reaching out to create the handle, a ceramic [...]