A hymn to hummous



This recipe has been revised and reposted HERE.


Whether you spell it hummous, hummus, hommus, or hummos, it is all the same:  a tasty Middle Eastern spread with which the Western world has been fascinated for many years.   You can find the spread  anywhere from upscale markets and food coops, to Costco.  I worked at [...]

TV Dinner, Samurai Style

This is the old method of polishing rice. Don't ask me what the new one is.

I just bought a charming Japanese cookbook from a local second hand store. Charming, because it was written in 1964 by Masaru Doi, who was a pioneer television chef in Japan. I love these old books because they present [...]

Break Fast for Breakfast

I’m quite behind on posting Thanksgiving recipes and was thinking it might be too late to tell you about the jaw-dropping, mouth-watering delicious dessert I made at Thanksgiving. But then I realized we (I shared Thanksgiving with my Seattle family, Cody and Kent, and their [...]

Fancy, Fancy

It is well known that the French emperor Napoleon was a great lover of good food. Although certain eminent historians have suggested that his first love was baked goods, my researches have indicated that shellfish recipes were where his heart lay.

“Mon Dieu,” he lamented after the disasterous Battle of Leipzig during the War of the [...]

The Great Lean Beef Conspiracy

I could just go a steak right now…

I haven’t watched TV in about nine years, but if things haven’t changed much, various food interests periodically run campaigns advertising a certain meat that is in need of a popularity boost. When I was a boy it was lean beef. I never thought Australians could be [...]

Lasagna (Vegetarian)

fresh out of the oven

I was recovering from the flu. In the midst of moving. While drawing a freelance job about kids getting the flu. It had been a long week in bed.

But Naomi (Mimi) and her son had received the flu shot and had invited us over for Thanksgiving, and I looked forward [...]