TV Dinner, Samurai Style

This is the old method of polishing rice. Don't ask me what the new one is.

I just bought a charming Japanese cookbook from a local second hand store. Charming, because it was written in 1964 by Masaru Doi, who was a pioneer television chef in Japan. I love these old books because they present [...]

The Great Lean Beef Conspiracy

I could just go a steak right now…

I haven’t watched TV in about nine years, but if things haven’t changed much, various food interests periodically run campaigns advertising a certain meat that is in need of a popularity boost. When I was a boy it was lean beef. I never thought Australians could be [...]

Lasagna (Vegetarian)

fresh out of the oven

I was recovering from the flu. In the midst of moving. While drawing a freelance job about kids getting the flu. It had been a long week in bed.

But Naomi (Mimi) and her son had received the flu shot and had invited us over for Thanksgiving, and I looked forward [...]