Making a Good Thing Gooder

November draws to a close, and just when I should be writing about turkey stuffing and side dishes, I find I am instead writing about nuclear waste disposal for my Master’s. Nothing takes your appetite away like nuclear waste. So a quick one this week: an astoundingly simple, astoundingly good recipe passed on by a [...]

Electric Green Soup

Back in July, Daniel posted a recipe for vichyssoise , which I highly recommend you give a try when we get back to summer. His soup is a pearl green color, delicate, and delicious. A perfect cool complement to the warm weather.

Now, midway through November, the Seattle sky is drizzle-raining nearly constantly, and punctuating the [...]

Chewy Chews

Fall isn’t complete without oatmeal raisin cookies. I found this recipe on the back of a cereal box of granola with raisins, not realizing it was a twist on the traditional recipe, using granola instead of plain oats. The flavor was buttery, and the chew went on and on…supremely satisfying if you value [...]