Making a Good Thing Gooder

November draws to a close, and just when I should be writing about turkey stuffing and side dishes, I find I am instead writing about nuclear waste disposal for my Master’s. Nothing takes your appetite away like nuclear waste. So a quick one this week: an astoundingly simple, astoundingly good recipe passed on by a [...]

Electric Green Soup

Back in July, Daniel posted a recipe for vichyssoise , which I highly recommend you give a try when we get back to summer. His soup is a pearl green color, delicate, and delicious. A perfect cool complement to the warm weather.

Now, midway through November, the Seattle sky is drizzle-raining nearly constantly, and punctuating the [...]

The Spice Trade

We are nuts about spices. We always have been. Around 50 AD Pliny the Elder, referring to the spice trade, complained that “there is no year in which India does not drain the Roman Empire of fifty million sesterces.” I’m not sure how much a sestercius was worth, but fifty million of them must be [...]

Rhapsody in Red

The other day I bought a carton of chicken stock in the supermarket. Waiting in line and reading the back of the carton, I learned that stock had been manufactured by this particular American family since before the dawning of civilization using a time-honored secret technique of boiling stuff, and so on, and that stock [...]

Chewy Chews

Fall isn’t complete without oatmeal raisin cookies. I found this recipe on the back of a cereal box of granola with raisins, not realizing it was a twist on the traditional recipe, using granola instead of plain oats. The flavor was buttery, and the chew went on and on…supremely satisfying if you value [...]

No Thai Curry for You

eating a very edible Thai curry

To hunger we’re obedient
and we wanted Thai curry,
so we got the ingredients
and went home in a flurry.

We looked at the recipe,
then adjusted the dish
(vegetarian, we be,
so no chicken or fish).

Our doubts, we got lost in:
was the curry paste excessive?
should cilantro be tossed in?
would it be more impressive?

It was lovely, [...]