Pork Confit, part 1

I hate cookbooks that:

a)      are based on a television show

b)      contain more than two fonts per page

c)      require you to own a microwave and a food processor

d)      call for a specific breed of goose

e)      call for the flower of anything

which rules out most cookbooks published in the last ten years. I also have a deep [...]

Shabu Shabu

swish swish pot

I’ll open this post with a lead-in I asked Beth to write, about how we were introduced to Shabu Shabu soup (as our friend Marie later informed us, it’s called that because the ingredients go “shabu shabu” or “swish swish” in the broth). And then I will tell you what we did [...]

Blood Sausage, the demanding food

Did someone say blood?

Well, I promised I would do this (to myself, if not to anyone else). Here is my first ever attempt at making blood sausage, otherwise known as black pudding, boudin noir, blutwurst, moronga, or morcilla, depending on where you are.

A warning, though. If you are deeply revolted by blood, you might [...]

Sweet, Simple Comfort: Bread and Chocolate

At my art show closing reception tonight, I had plenty of wine available (a bottle of which I’m finishing while I write this) and an array of European treats: a buttery shortbread, crisp wafers in dark chocolate, and those pervasively popular Petit Ecolier biscuits (French for “The Little Schoolboy”), a bar of 70% cacao chocolate [...]