Ecky Thump!

When traveling (or just eating out, actually), I like to order the weirdest item on the menu, which sometimes puts me in equally weird situations. Just recently I was in Nicaragua, where protein sometimes takes the form of armadillo and iguana, and which offered plenty of opportunities for weird eating. For example, while in Puerto [...]

Fried Green Tomatoes

salted and peppered

Beth grows a food garden in her back and side yard. Loves it — the planting, digging, watering, and especially the eating what she has grown. A real satisfaction.

On this night, she came in from the back yard with a load of goodies she had just picked. Several cobs of corn, kale, [...]

Pasties with Afters

dish ish goodh shtuff, uh-huh

Pasties (from Cornwall or maybe Devon) are basically a meal wrapped in dough and baked. I call it early fast food, portable and yummy (and as healthy as you decide to make it). “Afters” is what they call “dessert” in British Isles, obviously not people who eat their dessert first.

I [...]

In Praise of Objects

To be a cook you have to love the material world, and to love the material world it helps not to have to much of it. Spending some of your life in abject poverty is a good lesson in value. A cup of coffee from a railway station vending machine after a night spent shivering [...]