Purslane Gazpacho

Ingredients for purslane gazpacho… I can hear you getting healthier from here

This week I was going to write something passionate on the subject of Moroccan tagines, but the temperature in Western Washington hit 100 degrees, so cold soup it is again.

Now… I typically shun recipes that arbitrarily require an exotic ingredient that is hard [...]


Sunday evening found Beth and I all set to cook. She made salad, and I made Chapati, an Indian flatbread which I made using whole wheat flower and water:

1.5 cups flour
2/3 cup water (or enough to make elasticky)

I sifted the flour into a bowl, dug a hole in the middle, and poured in the water. [...]

Sugar has left the room: Chocolate Mousse

I made sorbet for the family get together this last weekend, but since my Grandpa is diabetic, I ventured into the fearful world of sugar-free desserts, searching hopefully for one not over-burdened with artificial sweeteners. Most of the recipes I encountered had at least a cup [...]

Ice Water fit for a (Persian) King

Inspired by Matt’s sorbet post, I recalled an attempt I made many years ago to reproduce the common ancestor of sorbet, sherbet, and ice cream: the ancient Middle Eastern drink known as charbet.

A fine yakhchal – thank you, wikipedia!

These days, when the problem of keeping food and people cool in summer has been effectively [...]