To Build a Frozen Truffle

A hymn to hummous



This recipe has been revised and reposted HERE.


Whether you spell it hummous, hummus, hommus, or hummos, it is all the same: a tasty Middle Eastern spread with which the Western world has been fascinated for many years. You can find the spread anywhere from upscale markets and food coops, to [...]

For the Good Times: Lacto-fermented Peach Chutney

Some thoughts on when a good thing goes bad…

I’ve been working on a few projects lately. iphone 8 soft gel case The art of cooking is a lot like the art of living. iphone 7 silicone phone cases rose Sometimes it is a labor of love; mostly it is a love of labor, [...]

Ecky Thump!

When traveling (or just eating out, actually), I like to order the weirdest item on the menu, which sometimes puts me in equally weird situations. Just recently I was in Nicaragua, where protein sometimes takes the form of armadillo and iguana, and which offered plenty of opportunities for weird eating. For example, while in Puerto [...]

Pimp your Ketchup

Daniel: When I was a kid we were so poor…

Chorus: How poor were you?

Daniel: We were so poor we only had four tastes!

Anyone else remember when we only had four tastes: sweet, salty, sour, and bitter? Nowadays you lucky kids have ‘umami’ too, normally described as the non-salty savor of foods such as cooked tomatoes, [...]

Blueberry Pancake Cookies

oh my god those look delicious

It all began last summer when I thought to try and make blueberry pancake cookies. I’d advise you to read my previous posts if you desire further detail on the history.

This is the completed post. iphone 8 case ringke The recipe. Phew, finally. On Wednesday I first made [...]