Banana Ice Cream

For years I ate oatmeal with bananas every day for breakfast. But one must not get caught up in the rut of repetition. One must try new things, explore new avenues, conquer new experiences. And so at some point I switched over to eating my oats with raisins.

I still do love bananas, though. But there’s [...]

Lemon Raspberry Chocolate Tarts – BFI #2

In the past I’ve felt a bit shy about posting failed recipes. For instance, do you remember the rhubarb pie ice cream recipe I posted? Of course you don’t, I never posted it because it came out very lackluster. Why would I post that? This is a foodie blog, right? Everything we make [...]

Peanut Sauce (w/ vegan option)

Ahhhh, peanut sauce. the ketchup of Asia. I’m a lukewarm fan of rice, tofu, or vegetables (despite-or-because I grew up vegetarian), but put some peanut sauce on top and I’m ALL over it. If your kids won’t eat their veggies, make this (with less spice perhaps), tell ‘em “It’s peanut butter sauce,” and they just [...]

Penuche Fudge, sweet defined

Dan’s post on making his favorite dessert, Baklava, for Thanksgiving inspired me to make my own favorite dessert, which I’ve avoided making for years. Why avoided? Because it only comes out right (for me) every few times, and because I feel awful after eating it because it is pure fat and sugar.

Easier than this recipe [...]

Cyclone Chili, or How I met the Tomatillo

Connie and Jaydene introduced me to the 1st Marlboro Country Cookbook, back in 1997, when I met them my junior year of college. The pages are bold blacks and reds, full color spreads of food on every frontier-themed page. Every few pages contains random removable inserts: postcards printed with chili recipes and posters of hot [...]

Fall Flop

No, not a flop as in failure. This nummy weekend brunch cake for rainy fall mornings is literally called “flop.” I remember happening upon the recipe over a year ago and needing to try it out just for its name. And also for the curious optional ingredient: egg. Near as I can tell, it’s an old [...]